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smooth shiplap pine (unfinished) 8_ x 8ft, 6_ x 8ft.jpg


Circle Sawn 
circle sawed shiplap pine (unfinished) 8

This is our own unique brand of circle sawn shiplap here at Tritz Forest Products!

Circle Sawn Weathered

circle sawed weathered shiplap 8_ x 8ft, 6_ x 6ft full view.jpg

Currently one of our most popular styles

Smooth Shiplap
smooth shiplap pine (unfinished) 8_ x 8ft, 6_ x 8ft_edited.jpg

Smooth shiplap

Circle Sawn Antique Wormy Oak
circle sawn antique wormy oak shiplap (from reclaimed timber and logs) 8_ x 8ft, 6_ x 8ft

Circle Sawn Antique Wormy Oak, Available in 4 Sizes: 5 in, 6 in, 7 in, and 8 in. wide

Smooth Antique Wormy Oak
Smooth Antique Wormy Oak Shiplap (from reclaimed timber and logs) 8_ x 8ft, 6_ x 8ft with

Smooth Antique Wormy Oak

Butterfly (Limited Availability)

New product, Limited quantities

Large Shiplap Photo.JPG

Traditional shiplap has a rabbet (or groove) cut into the top and bottom, which allows the pieces to fit together snugly, forming a tight seal. This gives shiplap its distinctive appearance.  Available as 6" and 8" nominal widths.

At Tritz Forest Products, we provide high-quality ship lap lumber that is perfect for any project. Our lumber is carefully harvested and processed to ensure the best possible quality and durability.  We use a company designed machine to accentuate the circle sawn characteristics of our shiplap styles.

While we do our best to showcase each of our products, there's nothing quite like seeing it on display in our showroom.  Our showroom is open 24/7, no appointment needed.  Just walk right in!

DISCLAIMER: All our lumber is unfinished.  The images depicting finished products are for representation only.

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