Our Products


Original shiplap lumber profile is available in a variety of finishes and species.

Our rustic Antique Oak offers a touch of the past while adding an inviting feel to any home or business.

Beautiful to behold and truly unique! No one else in the industry manufactures it.

Blue Denim Lumber

Natural-Edge Planks

Wavy Edge Siding

Individual planks accented with shades of blue. A natural phenomenon!

Our rustic, 3in. planks are perfect for bar tops, furniture and stair steps.


Our Natural Wavy-Edge Siding adds a striking look to the exterior of any structure.

Mantles and D-Logs

Circle Slabs


Our Hand-Hewn Fireplace Mantles are popular for their lasting, satisfying sense of solidity and strength, and our D-Logs are the choice of homeowners and builders for quality log home construction.

Circle Slabs are perfect for turning a stump into a table.  Sizes vary.

Dry Split Oak Firewood and 8-Ft. Bundled Dry Oak Slabwood

DISCLAIMER: All our lumber is unfinished.  The images depicting finished products are for representation only.

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