Kiln-Dried Antique Oak Lumber

Our Kiln-Dried Antique Oak Lumber is ideal for cabinetry, furniture and other purposes, and we're confident you'll like its striking dark patina, intricate grain patterns and worm hole accents that create its unique antique look. We harvest our Kiln-Dried Antique Oak Lumber from hand-picked logs, just one of the steps we take to ensure its unique qualities (we know of no other manufacturers nationwide that offer this very special lumber). Available in widths from 4" to 12". Pricing is as low as $3.00 per board foot. Contact us for additional information.

Other Kiln-Dried Products

In addition to our Kiln-Dried Antique Oak Lumber, we offer kiln-dried Lumber-Jack Pine, as well as kiln-dried hardwoods that include but are not limited to cherry, hickory, ash, maple, white oak, red oak, walnut and white, yellow and river birch. Contact us for pricing and additional information.

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