Tritz Flooring Product Showcase

Lumber-Jack Pine Flooring

Beautiful to behold, our rustic Lumber-Jack Pine plank flooring is truly unique (no one else in our industry makes it, as far as we know after more than 30 years in business) and adds a cozy warmth and woodsy charm to any room. Harvested from Wisconsin's majestic northwoods, each plank features a one-of-a-kind arrangement of distinctive knotting and fine-grain patterns.

Widths: Individual planks come in 5" widths, with other widths available by special order.

Pricing: Special introductory price—only $2.50 per square foot!

New! Denim Lumber-Jack Pine. Individual planks accented with shades of blue. Only $2.75 per square foot.

Antique Oak Flooring

Our rustic Antique Oak plank flooring offers a touch of the past while adding an inviting feel to any home or business. Created from reclaimed logs and timbers from Wisconsin's legendary northwoods, each plank boasts a striking dark patina, intricate grain patterns and worm hole accents that combine to form a unique antique look.

Widths: Individual planks come in 5" and 6" widths, with other widths available by special order.

Pricing: $5.95 per square foot

Uncompromising quality with every plank

Whether you choose Lumber-Jack Pine, Antique Oak or another flooring product, you can be assured that you will have a floor of the highest quality that will provide many years of enjoyable use. All of our flooring is tongue and grooved and end-matched for easy installation, and each plank is hand-picked by our craftsmen to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Wood flooring offers aesthetic and health benefits

We hope you will seriously consider the benefits of wood flooring for your home or business. Aesthetically pleasing, rustic wood floors complement virtually any set of furniture or interior design look, and they are allergy free to help ensure a healthy living environment.

Other wood flooring available

While we specialize in unique rustic plank flooring, most notably with our Lumber-Jack Pine and Antique Oak styles, we also offer flooring in many other species that include but are not limited to cherry, hickory, ash, maple, white oak, red oak, walnut and white, yellow and river birch. Contact us for details.

Superior quality. Outstanding service. Respect for the environment.